A United Games, the opening of Vallourec second football Champions cup

Kim fragrance, we all welcomed 2nd Vallourec Football Champions Cup in China, which lasted four days from September 16th to September 19th. At 6 PM on September 16th, the athletes wearing their Team's jerseys marched into the arena. Pierre Maisonneuve, the First Golden Boot Winner of first Football Champions Cup, made an opening speech.

The competition is divided into six Teams, group A  which includes respectively threading plant Team of Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd., office Team, VAM (Changzhou) Oil and Gas Premium Equipments Co., Ltd. Team (VAM® plant Team), group B which includes respectively Vallourec(China) Co., Ltd. Changzhou plant Team (VCHA Changzhou plant Team), the PQF workshop of Vallourec Tianda (Anhui) Co., Ltd. Team (PQF Team), Boss Team,and  it’s VAM® plant Team and VCHA Changzhou plant Team’s first time to participate in the Championship cup.